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Hey now, Folks. Please find below representative samples of the assignments for this class. These are not perfect, although many are very good and all of them are high grades. Use these as examples for content, formatting and style. Be sure you are looking at a sample for the course you are taking.

  • ENGL 101LC Crossover Project Report Archive(Learning Community ONLY)
    SAMPLE [MS Word document],

  • Annotated Works/Note Cards Archive
    SAMPLE [MS Word document], Daniel Olivas, author · Fall 2012

  • ENGL 101 Student Response Archive
    "What You Pawn I Will Redeem", [MS Word document], Joseph Hernandez, author · Fall 2013
    Shiloh, [MS Word document], Jen Pino, author · Fall 2012
    A Worn Path, [MS Word document], Sean McGregor, author · Fall 2012

  • English 101 Final Paper Outline Archive
    Cask of Amontillado [MS Word document], Alec Hernandez, author · Winter 2014
    The Yellow Wallpaper [MS Word document], Ileanna Hickock, author · Spring 2014

  • ENGL 101 Student Paper 1 Archive
    Once Upon A Time [MS Word document], Johanna Bassett · Fall 2004
    "Sonny's Blues" [MS Word document], Wyatt Bressel · Fall 2016
    "What You Pawn I Will Redeem" [MS Word document], Joseph Hernandez · Fall 2013

  • ENGL 101 Learning Community Student Paper 1 Archive (Learning Community ONLY)
    What You Pawn I Will Redeem [MS Word document], Lauren Vejar · Fall 2013

  • ENGL 101 Student Final Research Paper Archive
    The Yellow Wallpaper [MS Word document],Alejandra Esquer, author · Fall 2010
    The Yellow Wallpaper [MS Word document], Pamela Solis, author · Spring 2014

  • ENGL 101 Student Test Archive

    my es336

  • ENGL 103 Student Response Archive
    Misery/Feminist Criticism), [MS Word document], Hannah Johnson, author · Fall 2012

  • Annotated Works/Note Cards Archive (it's a 101 sample, but the format is the same for all courses)
    SAMPLE [MS Word document], Daniel Olivas, author · Fall 2012

  • English 103 Final Paper Outline Archive
    "The Yellow Wallpaper [MS Word document], Anakayla King, author · Spring 2019
    "The Cask of Amontillado" [MS Word document], Janeth Candido, author · Spring 2019

  • ENGL 103 Student Paper Archive
    An Angel and a Friend, Kerry Black, author · Fall 1997
    It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding , [MS Word document], Toni Heath, author · Spring 2010
    Christina Aguilera , [MS Word document], Lisa Paccone, author · Spring 2012
    The Importance of Being Earnest , [MS Word document], Alec Hernandez, author · Summer 2014

  • ENGL 103 Student Test Archive
    Barbie Doll [PDF File], Lindiwe Stenberg, author · Winter 2014
    The Changeling[PDF file], Destinee Marquez, author · Spring 2013

    my G&L

  • ENGL Literature Courses Student Paper Archive
    Rehearsals [MS Word document], Claire Rodriguez, author · Spring 2009
    Beauty and the Beast , [MS Word document], Andrea Sansom, author · Fall 2010
    Cinderella [MS Word document], Sarah Rodriguez, author · Fall 2010
    Jurassic Park , [MS Word document], Lisa Paccone, author · Fall 2012
    Psycho , [MS Word document], Monica Monroy, author · Fall 2012
    Amerikanski Dead , [MS Word document], Theo Rogers, author · Fall 2013
    Dracula , [MS Word document], Daniel Latini, author · Spring 2020

  • Stephen King Student Paper Archive
    The Road Virus Heads North , [MS Word document], Hannah Johnson, author · Spring 2012
    Misery (Film) , [MS Word document], Hannah Johnson, author · Fall 2012

All works used by permission.

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