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Paper List

Choose from the following list for FINAL TERM PAPER
Your final paper will be a thematic overview of the chosen author's work using the selected work or works as examples of those themes you see. You must employ at least four distinct critical approaches. See Assignments 103 for more details.

Choose 3-5 works. Any band listed has various authors and author groups. Choose material written by the same author or author group. Pseudonyms are in parentheses following artist's born name if the artist published under given name. Cite accurately.

Barlow, John Perry and Robert Weir
Bowie, David

Cash, Johnny
Chapin, Harry
Crosby, David

Dickinson, Emily

Fogerty, John
Frey, Glen
Frost, Robert

Garcia, Jerry and Robert Hunter
Grateful Dead

Harper, Ben
Harrison, George
Hazlewood, Lee
Hendrix, Jimi
Henley, Don
Hughes, Langston
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, Robert and Robert Weir

Ivey, Artis (Coolio)

Jackson, O'Shea (Ice Cube)
John, Elton
Jones, John Paul

Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel
Kantner, Paul
Kilcher, Jewel

Led Zeppelin
Lennon, John
Lennon, John and Paul McCartney
Lightfoot, Gordon

MacLean, Don
Marley, Bob
McCartney, Paul
Morrison, Jim

Nelson, Rick (Ricky Nelson)
Nelson, Willie
Nordine, Ken

Pink Floyd
Page, Jimmy and Robert Plant
Prine, John

Shakur, Tupac
Simon, Paul
Slick, Grace

Taylor, James
Townshend, Pete

Wainwright, Louden
Water, Roger
Wilson, Brian

Young, Neil

Other (must be approved by Instructor)

Choose 1 work. Some of these are scripted plays and some are movies. Some are listed by author, some by director, and some by producer. In any case, you MUST have a script as your primary source. Any author/director/producer listed without specific titles must be approved with instructor in advance.

Bernstein, Leonard, and Stephen Sondheim (West Side Story)
Burton, Tim
Disney, Walt
Fellini, Federico
Leone, Sergio
Lumet, Sydney (Twelve Angry Men)
Lucas, George
Mamet, David (Oleanna)
Miller, Arthur (The Crucible, All My Sons, (Death of a Salesman)
Miyazaki, Hayao
Reiner, Rob
Rice, Tim and Andrew Lloyd Webber
Rose, Reginald (Twelve Angry Men)
Shakespeare, William
Tarrantino, Quentin
Tornatore, Guiseppe (Cinema Paradiso)
Townshend, Pete
Wilde, Oscar (The Importance of Being Earnest)
Williams, Tennesee (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
Other (must be approved by Instructor)

Choose 1 work. Make sure it is of sufficent length and complexity to complete the assignment. Any author listed without specific titles must be approved with instructor in advance.

Adams, Douglas
Andersen, Hans Christian
Asimov, Isaac (I Robot)

Bradbury, Ray
Bronte, Emily (Wuthering Heights)
Buchheim, Lothar-Gunther (Das Boot)
Bukowsky, Charles

Camus, Albert (The Guest, The Plague)
Chaucer, Geoffery (any 5 Tales from Canterbury Tales)
Child, Lee
Chopin, Kate (The Awakening or overview)
Conrad, Joseph (Heart of Darkness)

Dostoevsky, Fyodor (Brothers Karamazov)

Faulkner, William
Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Gaiman, Neil
Geisel, Theodore Suess (Dr. Seuss)
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. (The Yellow Wallpaper)
Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm

Hemingway, Ernest
Hill, Joe
Hillerman, Tony
Hunter, Evan (The Blackboard Jungle)
Hurston, Zora Neale (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

Kafka, Franz (The Trial, The Metamorphosis, The Penal Colony)
Kesey, Ken
Kingsolver, Barbara
King, Stephen
Kipling, Rudyard (The Jungle Book)

Larsson, Steig

McDonald, John D.
Morrison, Toni (Beloved)

Nesbo, Jo

Oates, Joyce Carol (Where are You Going...)

Perrault, Charles
Poe, Edgar Allan

Salinger, J.D.
Shelley, Mary (Frankenstein)
Sinclair, Upton (The Jungle)
Stoker, Bram (Dracula)
Swift, Jonathan

Tan, Amy
Twain, Mark

Vonnegeut, Kurt

West, Nathaniel (Miss Lonely Hearts and The Day of the Locust)

Other (must be approved by Instructor)

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