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Stative Verbs

Stative verbs are present tense verbs that describe states of being, not actions. In the progressive they change meaning. In the following sentences, decide whether to use simple present or present progressive. Be prepared to explain your answer.

  1. We all _____________ someone we can lean on. (need)

  2. So if you __________ to, you can lean on me. (want)

  3. I _________________ of a number between one and ten. Can you guess it? (think)

  4. I ___________ a terrible day! (have)

  5. Some people __________________ education to be a necessity. (consider)

  6. It seems everyone I meet today _______________ mean to me. (be)

  7. You _________________ terrible! (look)

  8. My son is ___________________ a psychiatrist. (see)

  9. That band ___________________ like a herd of elephants. (sound)

  10. I am __________________ for my book. (look)

  11. I ___________________ you for the manager position. (consider)

  12. I _____________ a secret to tell you. (have)

  13. Let's ________ what tomorrow brings. (see)

  14. Marisa ________________ to be a surgeon after she graduates college. (want)

  15. Saturday _____________ my favorite day of the week. (be)

  16. Tomas _________________ vacation is the best part of school. (think)

  17. I ___________ that dress! Where did you get it? (love)

Updated October 19, 1999
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