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So vs. Such

When we use the words "so" and "such" as intensifiers, we need specific sentence constructions for each. In the sentences below, decide which works better in the blank, "so" or "such." If neither are appropriate, use "very."

  1. I got home _____ late last night that I didn't have time to call you.

  2. She had _____ a hard time getting through math that she decided to become an English teacher.

  3. Marta said she was sorry that she couldn't make it to the party, but she was ____ tired.

  4. I'm ______ an idiot! I should have known that you would need those notes.

  5. Call me later ______ that we can talk.

  6. I'm _____ sure you will enjoy this CD that I'll guarantee it.

  7. I'm ______ excited you asked me out.

  8. Tiny was _______ happy that he couldn't speak.

  9. We had ______ a bad time that we will never go to Disneyland again.

Updated October 19, 1999
© Mr. Thomas T. Eiland