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Repeated Subjects

In English we only use one word or word phrase as the subject of a sentence. Some writers make the mistake of using both a proper noun and a pronoun as subjects of the same sentence. That is known as "repeated subject." In the following sentences, decide whether that error has been made, and make the proper corrections.

  1. Sam, he is a student.

  2. That woman, she works at the supermarket.

  3. Suddenly, two men, they were standing at the door.

  4. After the dance, the gang, they went to another party.

  5. After talking to the police, we decided to get a car alarm.

  6. Where is the book that you bought it?

  7. According to my wife, she is smarter than I am.

  8. The Daytona 500, it is an exciting automobile race.

  9. After this exercise, you should be a better writer.

  10. The boy and the girl, they walked on the beach.

  11. Working at the store, it is very tiring.

  12. Take the cake that you bought it at the store and put it on the table.

  13. The baby she was very fussy today.

  14. The band that we heard them was very good.

  15. I don't know where you got it, but put it back.

Updated October 19, 1999
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