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Past Tense or Present Perfect Tense

In the following sentences, determine whether the verb in parentheses should be in past tense or present perfect tense. Be prepared to explain your answer.

  1. Yesterday, I ___________ the bus to school. (ride)

  2. I _______ the bus many times before. (take)

  3. Some people _______________ on a bus in their lives. (not be)

  4. Last year I __________ my car every day. (drive)

  5. Lately, however, my car ___________ acting up. (be)

  6. Unfortunately, I ____________ the job I had hoped for. (not get)

  7. Thus, it _____ a difficult period being without a car of my own. (be)

  8. This morning, my sister ____________ to let me borrow her car. (offer)

  9. Unfortunately, since I ___________ my insurance bill lately (not pay), I __________ . (decline)

  10. However, since my sister _________ so kind to me (be), I _______ her a thank you note. (send)

Updated October 19, 1999
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