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Connectors are words we use to link clauses together. They can be either adverbials, coordinating conjunctions, or subordinating conjunctions. For each the appropriate punctuation is necessary. In the following sentences determine what type of connector is used, whether the specific connector is appropriate, and whether the punctuation is correct. Fix all errors.

  1. The computer went down, however my data was saved.

  2. Because I was late to the concert. I missed the first set.

  3. As a result my bad grades. I failed Math 201.

  4. Usually I like dessert, today therefore I am not hungry.

  5. Eventhough, we stayed up late, but we had to be at school at 7:00 a.m. .

  6. Making a pizza is easy. First you get a phonebook, second you call Dominoes: then you pay the driver. lastly you eat your pizza.

  7. Thus my car has new tires and it has tinted windows.

  8. Ayrton Senna should of won the F-1 championship in spite of he lost the first race.

  9. It is not raining today, even so, I am carrying an umbrella.

  10. I have a car, and a motorcycle and, my wife has a car too.

  11. It always seems like I'm missing something. Not in the know. Maybe it's the wrong friends. But I'm not hip enough and I don't have teh bucks. Oh well so I'll do without being one of them. The beautiful people.

Updated October 19, 1999
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