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Conjunctions and Adverbs

Sometimes a linking word can be a conjunction, a transition, or an adverb depending on the type of sentence in which it is placed. In the following sentences, determine what the linking word is, then whether the linking word is an adverb, a transition, or a conjunction. If necessary, add punctuation.

  1. I like riding my bike and I like jogging.

  2. I needed to talk to you so I called.

  3. I needed to talk to you so we could come to some agreement.

  4. The man was fired because he was late all the time.

  5. In order to be healthy she works out.

  6. I had a headache so I went to the store to buy some aspirin.

  7. Because of the fires there are only a few trees left.

  8. My wife went back to work after the baby was born.

  9. Kelsey is only a few months old so she is not likely to want a driver's license.

  10. My computer was broken thus I was unable to finish my homework.

Updated October 19, 1999
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