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Adjective Clause

Combine the sentences, using the second as an adjective clause.

  1. I am using a sentence. It contains an adjective clause.


  2. Algebra problems contain letters. They stand for unknown numbers.


  3. The artist is performing tonight. I was telling you about him.


  4. I apologized to the woman. I ran over her dog.


  5. I come from a country. Its history goes back thousands of years.


The following will use the objective adjective form

  1. The car has four tires. Two of them are flat.


  2. There are twenty students in the class. Thirteen of them are excellent writers.


  3. My country is dependent on its income from coffee. The price of coffee varies according to fluctuations in the world market.


Change the adjective clauses to adjective phrases.

  1. Kuala Lampur, which is the capital of Malaysia, is a major trade center in Southeast Asia.

  2. The rules that allow public access to wilderness areas affect campers.

  3. The photographs that were published in the newspaper were extraordinary.

  4. The psychologists who study the nature of sleep have made important discoveries.

Add commas where necessary.

  1. I have fond memories of my hometown which is situated in the valley.

  2. I live in a town which is situated in a valley.

  3. A river which is polluted is not safe for swimming.

  4. Only people who speak two languages should take that class.

  5. Sara who speaks English and Urdu signed up for the class.

Complete each sentence with an adjective clause of your own. The resulting sentence should be logical.

  1. I listen to everything ____________________________________________________

  2. The concert had already begun. Those _____________________________________________ had to wait until the intermission to be seated.

  3. I know someone ____________________________________________

  4. I'm not sure ______________________________________________

  5. My sister _______________________________________________ lives in Huntington Beach.

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