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Test Questions

Students are to take tests within the weeks posted. There are no surprise quizzes or tests in this class. Student should be aware that the material to be covered, including the story or article under discussion, as well as any specific terminology, is well-known and posted before the test is to be taken. For English 100, the test prompt is as follows:
Discuss the article you have been given, responding to one or more of its ideas in four paragraphs. Use the author's words, quoting passages to support your analysis in the body paragraphs. Skip lines. Use a pen. You have 80 minutes.

For English 101, the test prompt will instruct the student to respond to a particular story chosen for that test, announced in advance, within the context of one or two literary terms specifically announced for that test. If no literary terms are specifically cited, than any literary terms may be addressed. There'll always be a requirement of a minimum of five paragraphs. There will also be a requirement of quoting and citing primary text in the body paragraphs.

Timed test taking is a particular skill that must be mastered. For more information, see Rules for Test Taking.

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