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Lyrical Poem List

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Choose one from the following lyrical poems/songs for your first paper. To get the lyrics to any song on this list (or just about any song at all) go to Yahoo Music Search or Rock's Back Pages to begin your search. Since some of these lyrics sites are having trouble, if the page you are looking for disappears, do another general search for your lyrics.

It is your responsibility to hear the song played by its original artist, if available. It is also necessary to mention whose version you listened to in your analysis, since you will factor in the music's effect on the song in your paper. These particular songs were chosen not for their easy beat and infectious groove; they were chosen because the lyrics have enough meaning within them to support a 3-7 page paper.

Note that some of these songs will be better analyzed if focus is on lyrical content and literal or symbolic meaning. Some lyrics will be relevant in context to the biographical references to author or historical context. Some songs have explicit lyrics, so choose what you can feel comfortable discussing on an adult level. Profanity has an effect on listener and on meaning... include that discussion in your paper.

It is your responsibility to decide how to approach this... but I can give you a hint if you ask. Lyric paper topic hints are posted here: HINT PAGE. These songs are listed alphabetically, followed by author's name, if known. If author is not the performer, I offer a suggestion as to what source you may look for an audio version, although you are free to find others. Also, any additions to this list are welcome, although I will not add songs to the list until next semester.

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