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photograph of Bobby Weir and Ratdog at the Greek in 2009
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Lyrics as Literature Term Paper List

Choose from the following list for FINAL TERM PAPER

    Your final paper will be a thematic overview of the chosen author's work using the selected work or works as examples of those themes you see. You must employ at least two distinct critical approaches, including a critique of the weaknesses in a critical analysis by another author (Biographical and Historical together count as ONE). If you choose a dramatized work you must of course quote from primary text, which means if it was a movie, you need the script. You may not analyze a work you have covered in a previous assignment. See Authors List for links to many of these authors.

    Lyric/Poetry - choose 5-10 works by theme or choose a concept album (lyric/album selections must incorporate entire album).

    • Amos Tori
    • Armstrong, Billie Joe and Green Day (Green Day)
    • Barlow, John, and Bob Weir (Grateful Dead: any or So Far)
    • Bernstein, Leonard, and Stephen Sondheim (West Side Story)
    • Bono with Edge and/or Larry Mullin Jr. (U2)
    • Bowie, David
    • Browne, Jackson
    • Cash, Johnny with var. others
    • Cray, Robert
    • Dickinson, Emily
    • Dylan, Bob
    • Fogerty, John (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    • Frost, Robert
    • Harper, Ben
    • Harris, Steve, with Paul Di'Anno, Clive Burr, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and/or Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden)
    • Harrison, George
    • Hayward, Justin and John Lodge (The Moody Blues: any or Days of Future Passed)
    • Hazelwood, Lee
    • Hendrix, Jimi
    • Henley Don
    • Hidalgo, David, with Cesar Rojas, Steve Berlin, Conrad Lozano, and Louie perez (Los Lobos)
    • Hughes, Langston
    • Hunter, Robert with Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Philip Lesh and/or Bob Weir (Grateful Dead: any or So Far)
    • Ivey Jr., Artis (Coolio)
    • Jackson, Oshea (Ice Cube)
    • John, Elton and Bernie Taupin
    • Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel
    • Kantner, Paul
    • Keyes, Alicia
    • Kilcher, Jewel
    • Lennon, John
    • Lennon John and Paul McCartney (Beatles: any or Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
    • Lightfoot, Gordon
    • MacLean, Don
    • Marley, Robert Nesta (Bob)
    • McCartney, Paul (Wings)
    • Mitchell, Joni
    • Morrison, James (Jim) with Ray Manzarek and/or Robbie Kreiger (The Doors)
    • Nelson, Rick (ricky)
    • Nelson, Willie
    • Nordine, Ken
    • Orbison, Roy
    • Page, Jimmy and Robert Plant ( Led-Zeppelin)
    • Prine, John
    • Rodriguez
    • Shakur, Tupac
    • Silverstein, Shel (Boy Named Sue, Cover of the Rolling Stone)
    • Taupin, Bernie, with Elton John
    • Townshend, Pete (The Who)Wainwright III, Louden
    • Waters, Roger, with David Gilmour and/or Rick Wright (Pink Floyd: any or Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here)
    • WQeir Bob
    • Wilson, Brian (The Beach Boys: any or Pet Sounds)
    • Yankovic, (Weird) Al
    • Young, Neil
    • Other (must be approved by Instructor)

    • Rice, Tim and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jesus Christ Superstar,
    • Townshend, Pete (The Who) Tommy, Quadraphenia
    • Waters, Roger, with David Gilmour and/or Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) The Wall,
    • Other (must be approved by Instructor)

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