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The Grateful Dead Movie

The Grateful Dead Movie
1976 – Dir. Jerry Garcia (US) and Leon Gast

  • Ankeny, Jason. “Grateful Dead" Allmusic.com (August 8, 2007)
    Biography of the Grateful Dead. Has links to people and albums.
  • “Grateful Dead Movie". Grateful Dead website. (October 2, 2007)
    Links to articles about the movie.
  • “The Grateful Dead (1977)". Internet Movie Database. (June 30, 2007).
    Site has links to reviews, cast, external sites, and a literature listing.
  • “The Grateful Dead". Rollingstone.com (September 28, 2007)
    Biography of the band. There are also links at the top of the page for lots of articles and reviews.
  • “Jerry Garcia". Contemporary Hispanic Biography. Vol. 3. Gale Group, 2003. (June 30, 2007)
    Biography of Jerry Garcia. Includes birth, childhood, musical background, The Grateful Dead, Hall of Fame, and his death.
  • Metzger, John. “From Chaos to beauty: The Transformation of The Grateful Dead Movie" First Appeared in The Music Box, December 2004, Volume 11, #12. (June 30, 2007)
    Article on the making of the movie.
  • ______________ “The Grateful Dead Movie". The Music Box December 2004, Volume 11, #12. (October 2, 2007)
    Article featuring Susan Crutcher discussing the movie. Includes the purpose of the movie and the making of it.
  • Planer, Lindsay. “Since it Costs a Lot to Win: The Saga of The Grateful Dead Movie". Crutchfield Advisor. December 7, 2004. (October 2, 2007) Article and interview about the making of the movie. Interview is with Susan Crutcher, who worked with Garcia. She’s a documentary film maker and did a commentary for the 30th Anniversary edition of the film.

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