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Proctored Exams

If it is impractical, because of distance or other factors, to take timed essays at the college, a student MAY take a PROCTORED EXAM elsewhere at any accredited college or university. One must print out and completely fill out the proctor request form [MS Word document] and get it approved by me before the tests can be taken. Obviously the proctor must be an instructor or other official of the institution. NO RELATIVES OR FRIENDS CAN STAND AS PROCTORS. Also, there is no compensation from the college or THIS instructor for this service, which is usually supplied free as a courtesy (although some institutions will require a lab fee paid by student).

The test must be timed, monitored, collected and sent to me by the proctor. (Postage and correctly addressed envelope should be provided by student.) Please discuss this fully with the proctor before submitting form -- be sure he or she knows what is being asked of them.

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Last modified: March 30, 2000