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Assignments for
Out-of-Class Papers: Fall and Spring OnlyFor Summer, see Assignment details on Blackboard
ENGL 101

SUBJECT STORIES WILL BE CHOSEN FROM A LIST IN WEEK 1. You will develop a complex research paper on that topic for the semester. The two drafts will be called Paper 1 and Final Paper.


  • You must use quoted text from primary source (the work under analysis) in every body paragraph in each work you produce in this class
  • Double space
  • Use legible 10 or 12 point font (Arial, Verdana)...no italicized or script fonts.
  • You must also use secondary sources, directly quoted, in Paper 2 draft
  • See Quoting Your Sources
  • See general formatting rules in What I Expect on Out of Class Papers
  • See Secondary Sources


  • 4 pages
  • Primary Source only
  • Analyze whether the work under discussion for a thematic analysis. Discuss at least 2 characters as well as plot and ending elements. The two charcter analysis will be separate paragraphs. The plot and ending elements will be one paragraph.
  • Character elements will discusswhether the character is round or flat, identifying Change, Complexity, Stereotype and Internal Conflict for each paragraph. You must also discuss at least one example of each of the external conflicts (man v. man, v. natural element or object, v. society. v. man-made environment or object.
  • Use quoted primary text in each body paragraph.


  • 8-12 pages
  • 5-7 Secondary Sources
  • Works Cited Page
  • You must use directly quoted text from the primary AND secondary sources in EACH body paragraph.
  • Discuss the story you have chosen for paper 1, ADDing disucssions that identify and explain uses of symbolism, irony and conflict.
  • You must focus on literary analysis in each body paragraph. There should be no paragraph in which you simply retell the story.

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