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MESSAGE BOARD INSTRUCTIONS [this link will open another browser window]

fractal by Janet Parke The message board/ in-class presentation participation requirement will be fulfilled by involvement in one of the class' discussion groups. For those on campus, a 10-15 minute in-class presentation explaining the chosen topic is required, using audio/visual aids such as posters, videos, PowerPoint or CD's. Contact the instructor to claim your choice and to establish presentation date.

For those on-line, the idea is post one's material in the appropriate folder to create a free-flowing, idea-generating discussion that will illustrate not just the basic aspects of the story under discussion (Plot, Symbols, Theme), but also the underlying context...the genesis of the work (Sociopolitical Milieu, Author Biography). The resulting 3-5 paragraph postings will give all of us a deeper understanding of the context of a work: what inspired it and what it was saying. You must sign up for a discussion group in the folder belonging to the group with which you wish to participate. There are about 11-15 spaces per group, so if you have a preference, make it quickly. (Those who do not choose, or fail, to complete the assignment, will lose at least 10-15% of their total grade.) Post your preference (only one person per specific topic) and then develop your ideas and follow through with research. This is analytical research, not a personal narrative on your part. Quote DIRECTLY from and cite your sources. Include a Works Cited on the bottom of your posting.

Post your paragraphs in the Module as a reposne to the initial assignment in the week it is due. A threaded discussion which is the product of the work of ALL the members in the group will be appear as each individual section is posted on the message board. Remember that the individuals who go later will have more time, but are expected to cover more material. Again, failure to participate in this activity will result in a failure of this portion of your grade.

There is also a MESSAGE BOARD DISCUSSION GROUP RESPONSE in which you will respond to someone else posting. Go HERE for instructions. Choose from the topics linked below. Any new topic must be cleared through the instructor.

ENGL 101
Group 1: Alexie: "What You Pawn I Will Redeem"
Group 2: Welty: "A Worn Path"
Group 3: Baldwin: "Sonny's Blues"

ENGL 103
Group 1: Poetry: Various: "Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance"
Group 2: Drama: Miller: "Death of a Salesman"
Group 3: Fiction: Hemingway. "Hills Like White Elephants"

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