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Discussion Group One

Discussion group 1

Discuss poetry of the Harlem Renaissance. Choose ONE of the following topics for discussion:

  • Langston Hughes biography
  • Countee Cullen biography
  • history of Harlem
  • Racism in publishing in 20's and 30's
  • racism in the United States 1920 and 30s
  • analysis of one of the following poems:
    • bontemps: "a black man talks of reaping”
    • cullen: "yet do I marvel”
    • cullen: “Saturday's Child"
    • cullen: “from the dark Tower"
    • grimke: "the black finger" and "tenebris"
    • Hughes: "Harlem”
    • Hughes: "the weary blues"
    • Hughes: “I, too”
    • Johnson: “Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem”
    • McKay: “Harlem shadows”

or create your own, clearing it with instructor first.

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