PEER EDITING SHEET (submit with final draft)

author: _________________________________________
editor: _________________________________________


  • Is thesis clear? _________________________________________

  • Is author 's name and title of work in intro? _________________________________________

  • Is there some kind of background statement? Which approach was used? _________________________________________


  • Does each paragraph support thesis? _________________________________________

  • Is each paragraph a distinct argument from others? If not, which are on same topic? _________________________________________

  • Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence? _________________________________________

  • Is there an effective use of support for assertions, including direct quote? _________________________________________

  • Does author wrap up point in a satisfying conclusion or transition to next point? _________________________________________

  • Do paragraphs seem to flow one to another, or do they seem haphazard and disconnected? _________________________________________

  • Is there any:
    Repetition? _________________________________________

    Vagueness? _________________________________________

    Improper use of terminology? _________________________________________

    Lack of support? _________________________________________

    Clearly weak arguments or illogical arguments? _________________________________________


  • Is there a concise wrap-up of overall point? _________________________________________

  • Is there some kind of projection or call to action? _________________________________________

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Last modified: March 30, 2000