tichure: 213

tichure: Still loading

Amy: Where is everyone?

sarah 1: Hello?

tichure: hey  sarah‚ still helping people get in

sarah 1: Okay

tichure: hey amy

tichure: still loading

tichure: first day is always the slowest

Amy: Hi, wasn't sure if I was in the right place

tichure: hahaha

tichure: I feel like that every day

Amy: yesterday I went to the wrong bio lab, duh!

Amy: It was completely the wrong day

tichure: been there‚ done that

tichure: I'm sure was a growth experience

Amy: the teacher was cool and let me stay, i was glad because it was a 7-10pm class

tichure: see, you found something good

Amy: Hi sarah

sarah 1: Hello. Never chatted before. Kinda cool

Amy: walcome, I took Art 100 and chatting on line was fun

Amy: oops welcome

sarah 1: I'm always up for learning something new! Kinda like facebook chatting

sarah 1: I think it'll be really different tho when there are alot of people at once

Amy: my daughters are super fast at keyboarding, because they caht with friends on skype

Amy: oops chat, I'm not as good as them

sarah 1: I took typing and am pretty fast too. I like it so that's another reason this is cool

Amy: Is this your first semester at Citrus?

sarah 1: no. I graduated in June but need a few more classes to transfer

Amy: Where are you transferring to?

sarah 1: Cal Poly Pomona

Amy: I'm hoping to transfer there too, or maybe fullerton. I need to stay close to home.

sarah 1: yeah, it's not worth it to go far when there are so many schools right here

sarah 1: Did you read the chat archive?

Amy: yes

sarah 1: I was surprised that it said there was no test and onlyu a few papers. When I looked at the syllabus, it looked like a lot more

tichure: well let's talk about it now

Amy: There you are

tichure: do you have any questions

tichure: I'm going to explain essentially how the class works and then we'll get to some actual material

tichure: but for now, ask in case there's something I can answer briefly

sarah 1: So the reading for the first week is supposed to be done by today or by when?

tichure: all assigned readings for any week are due essentially at the beginning of the week but certainly by chat

tichure: that way when we're discussing things you're not trying to read while we are discussing it

sarah 1: Wow! That's a lot to absorb in two days. I think next week will be easier

tichure: of course‚ also, there's really not that much to read and in reality, by the time I get done explaining how the class works, we will have very little time to cover anything other than questions today

Amy: Is there a book?

tichure: No book, Amy

sarah 1: Do we know when the papers are due?

Amy: I mostly read everything in CANVAS and on your site, very thorough

tichure: I post the due dates on the CANVAS Sarah

tichure: excellent Amy

sarah 1: So our current focus is the weekly reading, the first assignment, and the other project we signed up for on the discussion board?

sarah 1: Anything else?

tichure: well, you also have the interaction/peer edit portion of your grade

tichure: but how about I give  an overview and touch on each of the things individually so that I can explain how they are similar and different from each other

sarah 1: please do. I feel like I'm in a whirlwind

tichure: hahhaah

tichure: than you must be in the right place

Amy: I had never heard of MLA, but researched it today and feel I will be able to conquer it.

tichure: excellent Amy‚ you'll see that formatting on the other material, especially the archive material‚Ķ on my website

tichure: what is going to follow is some information that I will post fairly rapidly. If you have any questions at some point, simply post your question

tichure: This course is a university level composition course.  You will be required to read and analyze a series of literary works, which may include movies, stories and the like.  In order to succeed, you will need to pay attention to deadlines and to stay up with the reading and writing assignments.  Everything that you do for me will be an essay.  We will have a series of written research assignments.  There will also be a messageboard assignment.  All of this will be explained tonight.

sarah 1: If nobody else joins, will we end up changing the time?

tichure: your paper and your presentation assignment are going to be research... therefore you're going to be telling me the information without telling me what you think about it

tichure: no Sarah

tichure: it varies from week to week, anywhere between one or two people to as many as 15

tichure: and the bottom line is even if I'm only talking to one person, that information will be read by most everybody else in the class

Amy: Have you ever had 0

tichure: yes Amy‚ and then what I do is I post an archive that carries the information that we would've discussed in person

tichure: for some reason around holidays and other difficult times, like Halloween, there tends to be vacancy

tichure: There will be two paper drafts . Each paper assignment will be posted on the messageboard under the title paper draft one, paper final draft etc.  each will have its own assignment and its own due date.   The first paper assignment is posted already on the messageboard.   We will discuss the material for papers generally in class during the course of the semester, but you are not limited to what we discussed in class and certainly I want to see some original scholarship.  You'll have a chance to rewrite the first paper to create the second paper.  That means that you must get your paper into to me on-time, and when I say what you should revise or develop, revise it and get it back to me.

tichure: the idea is that writing is the process.  I'm going to lead you through discussions in which we discuss the major points to be discussed or to be pointed out in your paper, but essentially you're going to have to create paper on your own and when you do, there may be some things that you're missing or some ways that you go off on a tangent... my response to you will help you to fine tune that process

tichure: is everybody clear so far

sarah 1: So some papers we won't revise?

Amy: yes, clear

tichure: there is only one other paper‚ the final paper and there's not enough time for revision

tichure: keep in mind also that you get to revise your other assignments

tichure: and your responses if it really needs it

Amy: sweet

tichure: CHAT
 Chat is once a week.  It will be held every Wednesday from seven to 9 p.m. unless I tell you differently.  You must attend the chat regularly or you must read the archives on the web site. The chat replaces lecture, so while there is no grade associated with attendance or reading the archive, YOU NEED IT. The purpose of the chat realm is to discuss the material under discussion.  That means that you must arrive having pre-read the story or other literature assigned for that particular week as well as the rhetoric. 

 I will then lead a discussion in which you are expected  to respond to the questions and prompts that I ask.  Keep in mind that this is not a free-for-all and it is not designed to allow you to pontificate on your ideas about life.  Instead, we are analyzing literature in some very strict guidelines and we will stick to those guidelines.  In many cases chat will also function as a VIRTUAL OFFICE HOUR where you can ask me questions about your work.

tichure: CANVAS
One of the most confusing aspects for anybody in this class is the assignments. 

PEER EDIT another student's paper
The PEER EDITING is also on CANVAS. On the CANVAS, you make contact with another student or students to exchange the drafts and give them feedback on the content, formatting, and organization of the research. The purpose of this exchange is two fold. The first is you get feedback from someone other than me. The second is that you get an opportunity to read someone else's paper, which will be the first to challenge your ideas as to what the formatting and content is supposed to be. Having a cover solution is very important. Writing a paper in a vacuum often results in confusion and or missing the point of the assignment. Peer editing helps

the annotated Works cited is a list of 10 items, your primary source or sources included, in MLA format listing research sources for your paper.  your primary source or sources, the work or works you are analyzing, all count as one. That means you also need nine other items in the Works that you will be analyzing your primary source with. One of those should be a biography. The rest of the items in yoru Works may be direct anlysis of your primary source, analysis of the genre, analysis of your author or director, some historical or other conetxtual information, or a discussion of a literary critcial perspective.  The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate to me that the work that you have chosen to an otherwise it was research at the college level. You're not looking for random blog posts.  If you find a review of a work, like a movie review or book review, it has to have literary analysis rather than just discussion of whether or not the reviewer personally likes or dislikes the work. Tim Cogshell, Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert are good examples of movie critics. The same goes for book reviews. You are looking for literary analysis, not someone discussing how likable something as. 

We use MLA formatting. This is an English class.

The formatting instructions are on my website.

tichure: Good so far?

Amy: yes

tichure: the other assignment, and this is what most people find interesting is the PRESENTATION. This is where you sign up to present to the rest of the class and should either written or in the upload to CANVAS, an analysis of a work of horror fiction of your choosing. This is a first come, first serve in which you're going to post a new thread in that folder titled which is your specific topic. In other words, if you wanted to do "Saw" I need to know which critical perspective you're going to do because someone else may choose the same movie but choose a different critical perspective. If you decide to do an author or director, you need to give us a more narrow focus, whether it's about their repeated themes or you are examining a specific theme. Remember that this is research and you're looking for valid analysis.

tichure: Also, I use Dragon speak... that means I talk and it  types for me.  Thus there will be typos etc.  When I see them after posting a message, I will follow with a correction followed by the word SIGH.  If there's something that you do not understand, ask me.

Amy: cool

sarah 1: got it

Amy: sounds fair

tichure: No questions?

tichure: 2 paper drafts  (sent to my email address, englitguy@earthlink.net)

tichure: 1 annotated Works cited

tichure: 1 peer edit response

tichure: presentation

Amy: will the messageboard postings be done here on this site?

tichure: that is the class

tichure: no Amy‚ on CANVAS

Amy: ok

tichure: have you chosen a topic for the presentation

tichure: did you choose the particular topic Sarah

sarah 1: yes, but can't recall what it was! lol

tichure: hahha

tichure: as long as you posted it Sarah you're fine

Amy: I was surprised how fast students were choosing

sarah 1: Sorry. Did u say you will help us revise that one as well?

tichure: I will allow you to revise that one sarah

sarah 1: Will I get ur feedback or just revise it myself

sarah 1: ?

Amy: Is the Writing Cafe on campus?

sarah 1: What's that?

tichure: yes Sarah, you will get plenty of feedback from me

sarah 1: Good! I will NEED it

tichure: yes Amy‚ but tutoring centeris  not associated with this class specifically‚ but you are certainly welcome to go in there and show them what you're working on and hopefully they will help you

tichure: make better work

tichure: any other questions about the way the class works

Amy: I think I'm good for now

tichure: are you ready for some actual class content?

sarah 1: UUuuummmm....okay

Amy: ok

Sarah: does everyone have to pick a different topic for the paper?

tichure: no Sarah‚ everybody could do the same one if they want‚ but it helps in our discussion of what the first papers going to be if you already know what you're talking about

tichure: but let me give you some background information first

tichure: This is a university level literature analysis course.  In this class, we will be reading a series of literary works in analyzing them from the literary perspective.  At no time are you to refer to yourself personally.  At no time are you to explain something from your personal perspective.  Instead, all analyses will be  based on informed researched information gathered by you and presented in a correct collegiate essay form.  To that end, we will be using primary and secondary sources.  More on that later.  We will be using specific literary terms.  In fact, when you are given an assignment, you will be given specific literary perspective that you must take in your essay.  Because literature is an art, there are many ways to interpret it.

tichure: That means there are many correct answers.  That also means there are many more incorrect answers.  In order to have a correct answer, your response must be supportable from the aspect of the critical analytical tool you're using as well as supported in the text itself.  In other words, you cannot change a story or add anything to it in order to make it fit what you would like to be.

tichure: Any time you use another author's words or concepts, either from the primary text or from other resources, you must put the words you used in quotation marks and cite appropriately.  you would have learned this in English 101.  At no time will you submit a paper to me that does not have correctly quoted and cited text.

tichure: okay so far?

sarah 1: ok

tichure: the literary analysis that you did in English 101 specifically worked on literary terms... symbolism, irony, theme and the like. English 103 covers critical perspectives and logical thinking. By using the critical perspectives from English 103 for this class, there are many ways to analyze literature, and the different viewpoints you may approach a work through change the meaning.  We will be looking through those various viewpoints.  Please keep this in mind: there will be critical analyses that you agree with and that seem to make a great deal of sense.  There will be others that do not make a great deal of sense or that you disagree with outright.  That is immaterial to me.  Your job is to be able to identify, understand, and utilize each one of the literary critical perspectives that are presented in this class.  Failure to do so will severely hinder your grade.

Amy: ok