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Assignments 101S

The following are the detailed assignments listed in the course calendar. You must follow directions for full credit. In all essays, the following topics are prohibited; ABORTION, GUN CONTROL, or IMMIGRATION.

The essays MUST BE AT LEAST THREE PARAGRAPHS LONG. See Organization and Outline for multi-paragraph format.

Each chapter listed below is a separate assignment, except where noted.

In three paragraphs, discuss a lesson you learned from a personal experience. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Drinking and operating a nuclear reactor don't mix.). The body of the essay will tell of a personal experience that illustrates that point (e.g. a story in which an inebriated person caused a nuclear meltdown).

In three paragraphs, discuss the sides of a controversial issue. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Smoking should be made illegal.). The body will be a series of points, with responses by BOTH sides of the argument. If you mention an argument on one side, you must supply that of the other as well (e.g., The Surgeon General says smoking is hazardous, and although they used to deny it, most tobacco companies now agree. However, they believe adults should be allowed to make decisions affecting their health on their own.).

In three paragraphs, show the cause and effect of a specific phenomenon. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Smog has several origins and many consequences.). The body will be a series of direct links between one event and another. Use detail and specifics (e.g. Automobiles are a major contributor to airborne pollution, especially in the form of carbon monoxide (CO) being released in exhaust gases.).

In three paragraphs, discuss the two items that are comparable in specific detail. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Although they have the same first name, Mike Tyson and Michael J. Fox are quite dissimilar.). The body will be a series of direct comparisons of the two items. If you mention an aspect of item, you must apply that to the other (e.g. Although Tyson is an athlete, Fox is not.).

In three paragraphs, identify evidence that leads to a specific conclusion. This is often used in court cases where specific details of means, motive and opportunity lead to the accusation, as well as the conviction, of a suspect. In the essay, you will give us the evidence or clues that led to specific conclusions in a specific court case. The THESIS statement is going to essentially claim that the conviction of a particular suspect was based on very specific bits of evidence. (e.g., Based on fingerprints, DNA evidence and the murder weapon being found in the suspect's car, she was found guilty of homicide.). The body will have specific details of the evidence that was provided and then your explanation of how that was interpreted (e.g., The DNA evidence from hair fibers found in the victim's hand proved that the likelihood that the murderer was anyone other than Jones was one in 300 billion.).

In three paragraphs, define a slang term that has both the literal (dictionary) definition (if applicable) as well as the slang term usage. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., The word "Bad" has both positive and negative meanings.). The body will have specific examples of sentences that use the term and then your explanation of how that should be interpreted (e.g., The phrase "That was bad" may actually mean the experience was enjoyable.).

In three paragraphs, explain how to survive a traumatic or difficult experience. THESIS will state the purpose of the essay (e.g., Here are some tips to avoid long lines at the DMV.).

In three paragraphs, discuss several specific situations or incidents that lead to a generalized conclusion. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Recent well-publicized accidents demonstrate why young drivers are the worst drivers.). You must apply research to this assignment. The body will be a series of direct examples, relying on articles or statistic for support (e.g., Statistics show that 37% of all accidents occur within 6 months of the at-fault driver getting his or her license. (Jones 34)).

In FIVE paragraphs, describe the following in a unified essay: a teacher, a staff person, and a student at a community college. Each body paragraph will be on a single individual, with a full description (age, gender, body type, hair color, clothing, and any identifiable features, as well as what the individual is doing at that moment). YOU MUST STATE THE OCCUPATION OF THE PERSON IN THE LAST SENTENCE OF THAT PARAGRAPH (e.g., Because of her backpack and the girl's age, she must be a student.). You may not describe and identify a person you know. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., People's roles at Citrus College are revealed by their appearance.).

In three paragraphs, explain why you have chosen the topic for the DOCUMENTARY RESEARCH PAPER that you did. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., I chose John Wayne Gacy as a subject because I think clowns are creepy.).

In FOUR paragraphs, describe in DETAIL a process from start to finish. THESIS will state the end result of the process (e.g., If you follow these directions, you will have the best cheese burrito ever.). The body will be a series of steps in detail, omitting no aspect of the steps. Be sure to include INGREDIENTS and TOOLS or UTENSILS list in second paragraph of essay. (e.g., You will also need three elephant bird eggs, preferably room temperature.).

In three paragraphs, an item (LSD), person (Jerry Garcia), or phenomenon (Deadheads) in an essay that is supported by research. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Knowing his life story sheds a great deal of light on the music of Jerry Garcia.). The body will give specific details and statistics. See QUOTING YOUR SOURCES and THE RESEARCH PAPER on the web site for correct format for this paper.

In three paragraphs, discuss the topic you have chosen from the following list:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Food/Cuisine/Dish
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Movie/Actor
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Song/Singer/Band
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Course/Professor/Major
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Career/Job/Place of Employment
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Spouse/Partner/Date.
Discuss a topic, giving SPECIFIC EXAMPLES to support your view. THESIS will state the focus of the essay (e.g., Cheese can be used in a variety of ways, making it a popular food.). The body will have the specific examples that elaborate on the point (e.g. specific ways cheese is used).

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